Blinky Sample

Change directories to ncs/zephyr/samples/basic/blinky. Then compile as shown before in the compiling section of this guide.

Before you do compile make sure that the following lines are added to the prj.conf:

# Enable Zephyr application to be booted by MCUboot

This will enable support for the bootloader. Then, build using the build command:

west build -b circuitdojo_feather_nrf9160ns

Note: having trouble building? Make sure you check out the troubleshooting page.

You can see towards the end of this output that both the application and the bootloader have been built and merged.

Programming can be completed with newtmgr:

newtmgr -c serial image upload build/zephyr/app_update.bin
newtmgr -c serial reset

Note: pre-built binary can be downloaded here: blinky-v1.3.2.bin