V3 - (TBD 2021)

  • Fixed SCL/SDA labels
  • Added test points for SIM tests

v2 - (Jan 2021)

Backside of nRF9160 Feather V2

  • Added 3-axis Accelerometer by ST (LIS2DH12TR). Zephyr/nRF Connect SDK includes built-in support for this chip.
  • Added Accelerometer INT1 pin to Pin 2 on the board.
  • Added JMP1 to free up use for Pin 2 (INT1 pin on LIS2DH is push/pull an always on)
  • The power supply enable signal, which originally was inaccessible, is now available next to the TX pin.
  • Added JMP2 to disable PS_EN's connection to the power supply. "Always on" operation by shorting the middle and right pads on JMP2.
  • Updated the bottom side labels thanks to Sparkfun's Buzzard tool. They deserve all the credit there!


NFED (nRF9160 Feather Examples and Drivers) - (Jan 2021)

  • Added accelerometer sample
  • Added bme280 sample